Mon August 31, 2009

Online-sent scent (32)--How about taste to retrieve?

Apart from scent today, would you like to retrieve a taste?

When and how will search engines develop a way to retrieve a taste, as well as a scent?

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Sun August 30, 2009

Yahoo! Japan buys out Overture

Yahoo Japan Corp. announced on August 28 that it will acquire its wholly owned subsidiary Overture K.K. on October 1.

Yahoo Japan aims to leverage its high brand visibility in order to expand the sales generated by the listing advertisement (search-linked advertisement) system Overture has developed.

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Sat August 29, 2009

You need three seconds to boot Sharp's new netbook

SHARP Corp. announced Thursday that it will launch its new MID (mobile Internet device) NetWalker on September 25.

SHARP claims the NetWalker starts up in three seconds and runs for 10 hours.

It is A6-sized, weighs 409 g, has a touch-sensitive screen and B/G Wi-Fi features, and comes in a color choice of black, red, and white at a price of about ¥45,000.

Will you be satisfied with the mobile devise that operates on Ubuntu with an i.MX515 processor and has 512 megabytes of memory and a 4-gigabyte flash-memory drive?

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Fri August 28, 2009

Train operation information is delivered to conductor's cellphone by e-mail

Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., following West Japan Railway Company (JR West), will on September 12 introduce a cellphone e-mail delivery system for its train conductors to provide the passengers on the train with operation information more accurately.

In the system, the conductors receive an e-mail from the operation management office and read it out to the passengers through a microphone; for example, when an accident takes place that will lead to delay in train operations.

As of now, they receive such information via radio communication, jot it down, and announce it to the passengers.

So the announcement tends to be inaccurate because of jotting-down in a noisy conductor room.

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Thu August 27, 2009

SBM to launch netbook with built-in 3G module

There will emerge another choice of options for a road warrior like you.

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced Tuesday that it will launch a netbook with built-in communication modules on September 1.

The netbook, IdeaPad S10, manufactured by Lenovo Japan, has communication modules embedded in it that feature W-CDMA, GSM, and B/G Wi-Fi.

The IdeaPad S10 runs Windows XP Home Edition SP3 with an Intel N270 Atom processor, has 1 gigabyte of memory, a 160-gigabyte hard-disk drive, and a 10.1-inch screen, measures 250x196x22-36 mm, and weighs 1.38 kg.

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Wed August 26, 2009

Exit poll on Yahoo! Japan's site

Yahoo! Japan will on August 30 -- the election day for members of the House of Representatives -- establish a webpage on which its users can post the name of the political party they have voted.

Specifically, the “Exit Poll on the Internet” page, Which party have you voted?, will allow Yahoo! Japan's registered users to post the name of the political party the candidate they have voted in the single-seat constituency belongs to and the reason why they have voted the candidate.

The users' posts will be accepted from 8pm on August 30 to midnight on August 31 and shown on the map that pinpoints each of the single-seat constituencies.

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Tue August 25, 2009

Website totally committed to Twitter (2)

The Twitter-dedicated website provides not only Japan-specific information on Twitter but also overseas latest news, statistical data, and examples of corporate adoption regarding it in Japanese.

In addition, is so novice-friendly as to show the procedures ranging from user registration to tweeting in detail.

The operator Overtex Corp. will continue to improve the management of the website by conducting questionnaire surveys of the users from its own point of view.

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