Wed September 30, 2009

WILLCOM begins XGP service (2)

WILLCOM's XGP service, WILLCOM CORE XGP, will launch for a limited number of users over a limited coverage area in Tokyo on October 1.

In addition to the 400 users who subscribe to the WILLCOM-branded XGP service, about 1,000 people will begin to use the WILLCOM CORE XGP service via the MVNOs.

The users can use the service for free until March 31, 2010.

From April 1, 2010, the day the service is due to get into production where the number of users isn't limited, the users will pay ¥4,380 for the monthly fee and ¥945 a month for Internet connectivity.

The launch of service in production has been behind schedule due to financial and technical difficulties.

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Tue September 29, 2009

WILLCOM begins XGP service (1)

Do you need more choices of public mobile services?

WILLCOM, Inc. announced on September 24 that it will begin to provide its XGP service for a limited number of users on October 1.

The service will start with 400 users whose addresses are in Tokyo's 23 wards and who are now using WILLCOM's existing service, either AIR-EDGE or WILLCOM CORE 3G.

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Mon September 28, 2009

Online-sent scent (36)--Smell during surgery

Is here a surgeon?

If you are, could you tell me how important the smell is during surgery?

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Sun September 27, 2009

SCEJ to launch SNS and deliver comics for PSP (2) -- Comics distribution

In addition to the SNS, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) announced its download service for comics.

The service will start in December 2009 and sell comics via the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation Network.

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Sat September 26, 2009

SCEJ to launch SNS and deliver comics for PSP (1) -- R∞M

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) announced Thursday that it will launch a social network service (SNS), R∞M for PlayStaion Portalble, for its PSP game console this winter.

The SNS is available on the PSP via Wi-Fi for free.

It will allows the user to create her/his own 3D avatar and space called “My Room.”

The users can communicate with one another by sharing their blogs and photos in the service.

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Fri September 25, 2009

Google Japan shows earthquake info on the top

Google Japan Inc. began to provide a service that shows earthquake information near the top of the search result list when it is retrieved on Google Japan's website for PC.

The service brings the user some information on the earthquakes that took place in the past six hours in Japan and/or the maximum intensity of which is two or higher.

The service is expected to adapt to cellphone in the near future.

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Thu September 24, 2009

mixi debuts Twitter-like service

Japan's SNS provider giant mixi, Inc. began to offer a micro-blogging service on September 17.

The service, which is called “mixi voice,” allows the user to exchange up-to-150-character messages with her/his mai-miku (my mixi friends) on her/his own top page in mixi's PC/mobile website.

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