Sun January 31, 2010

Survival in digitization of TV in Japan (57) -- Chideji via BS

The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (Dpa) announced on January 29 the areas and the number of households in the areas that will need to receive chideji (terrestrial digital TV broadcasting) through the BS system due to poor reception in the terrestrial broadcasting.

As of that day, the number of areas and the number of households in the areas in Kanagawa Prefecture are 40 and 2,669 respectively.

In Tochigi, 14 and 2,559; in Tokyo, 1 and 179.

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Sat January 30, 2010

THIS IS IT is downloadable

Another option to get a THIS IS IT video is to download it for permanent storage in your PC.

NTT Resonant Inc. announced Wednesday that it had begun to sell the THIS IS IT video on a download basis.

The video is available from the video delivery service website for PC, Cinema Complex, on NTT Resonant's portal site “goo” at ¥1,980.

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Fri January 29, 2010

THIS IS IT to stream as VOD

Have you got a DVD or Blu-ray disc of “THIS IS IT” yet?

Some VOD (video on demand) service providers in Japan will begin to deliver the “THIS IS IT” video on a rental basis on March 13.

One of the providers is Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J:COM), which announced Wednesday that it will deliver the video to subscribers to its VOD service in high-definition (HD) at ¥630 and in standard-definition (SD) at ¥525.

In either definition, the subscriber will be able to view the video for 24 hours after he/she gets it.

Note that it has yet to be announced whether DVD / Blu-ray disc rental services will be offered or not.

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Thu January 28, 2010

au's system broke down

KDDI Corp. announced Tuesday that it was marred by a system failure to disable some of its au cellphone services.

The system recovered from the failure at 3pm on Tuesday: fifteen hours after the mar took place.

KDDI said the investigation was under way to identify the cause of the system failure as of 6pm on Tuesday.

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Wed January 27, 2010

KDDI acquires capital in J:COM (1)

KDDI Corp. announced Monday that it will acquire capital in Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J:COM).

KDDI will take an equity stake of 37.8% in J:COM, Japan's CATV MSO (multiple system operator) giant, to become its largest shareholder in the middle of February.

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Tue January 26, 2010

New Android keitai to launch from DoCoMo in April (2)

In conjunction with the launch of the Xperia in April, NTT DoCoMo Inc. will begin to provide an application delivery service for its Android-based smartphones.

Its service DoCoMo Market is expected to be more user-friendly than the Android Market for Japanese users.

DoCoMo added that it will enable its smartphones to employ i-mode e-mail features by the end of 2010.

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Mon January 25, 2010

Online-sent scent (52) -- Smell of home

What kind of smell reminds you of your home?

Would you feel relaxed if you smelled your home even on the phone or on the Internet, especially when you are far away from home on business?

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