Wed June 30, 2010

White iPhone 4 will come in late July

Apple Inc. announced on June 24 that it will begin to supply units of the iPhone 4 in white in the second half of July.

Apple says it is more difficult to manufacture white units of the iPhone 4 than expected.

Black units are selling as scheduled.

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Tue June 29, 2010

Android navigates golf course (3) -- So does iPhone

A mobile application for golfers Golf-ruzu, the official name of which is Golfuls on the Android Market, is also available on the iPone.

The application for the iPhone was released on April 21, 2010 and more than 29,000 iPhone users have downloaded it as of June 25.

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Mon June 28, 2010

Android navigates golf course (2)

An Android application for golfers Golf-ruzu measures distance on and navigates a golf course by exploiting GPS functions of an Android-based mobile.

The application can measure distance along a three-point line when it predicts the two points where the ball will be landing after the golfer make each of the two shots.

It has data on about 2,400 golf courses in Japan and will allow the user to make a sore card, record a history of shots, and analyze a score.

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Sun June 27, 2010

Android navigates golf course (1)

Tokyo, Japan-based company bBreak Systems began to provide an Android application for golfers in collaboration with Golf Digest Online Inc. on June 25.

Its application Golf-ruzu will navigate a golf course and analyze the golfer's score.

It is available from the Android Market and the user can use it on her/his Android mobile free of charge during a trial period of thirty days, but she/he will need to pay ¥2,500 for continuing use of it after the trial period.

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Sat June 26, 2010

About 230 people formed a line to embark on iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 launched in Japan on June 24.

In front of Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp.'s (SBM's) flagship shop at Omotesando, Tokyo, about 230 people, some of whom had stayed up all night, stood in line before it opened at 8am to get an iPhone 4 as soon as possible.

SBM CEO Masayoshi Son attended the countdown ceremony.

Son said he felt sorry that every preorder of the iPhone 4 had not been filled yet.

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Fri June 25, 2010

More than 1,000 Twitter users have been hacked

Finish ICT security company F-Secure Corp. announced on June 21 in GMT that 1,000 or more Twitter accounts have been taken over.

Most of the accounts are owned by Israeli users.

At any of the hacked accounts on Twitter, you can see a tweet "Hacked By Turkish Hackers."

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Thu June 24, 2010

E-book readers enter in a phase of price competition, Inc. announced on June 21, U.S. Time, that it will reduce the price of its e-book reader 6.1-inch Kindle from $259 to $189.

Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced on that day that it will reduce the price of its e-book reader NOOK from $259 to $199.

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