Tue August 31, 2010

VISA to enhance security on mobile EC sites (2) -- More people use mobile EC sites in Japan

Visa Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd. will tentatively introduce its Visa Authentication Service to mobile EC sites for Japan's mobiles in October.

Japan will be the first country where the service is implemented, because in Japan people who visit EC sites through their mobile gadget account for about fifteen or twenty percent of the total visitors: it is a relatively high proportion, Visa Worldwide Japan said.

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Mon August 30, 2010

JCI provides SIM for users of SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 (2) -- Data only plan

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) provides not only its “talking b-micro SIM ” card, which allows the user to do both data communications (including tethering) and voice calls on a SIM-lock-free iPhone 4, but also a data-only SIM card.

The data-only SIM card “b-microSIM U300” lets the user do data communications only on SIM-lock-free smartphones such as iPhone 4.

To use the b-microSIM U300 card, you will need to pay ¥2,980 for the one-month plan, ¥14,900 for the six-month, or ¥29,800 for the one-year.

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Sun August 29, 2010

The domain of docomo.ne.jp to be available on Xperia (1) -- 315 yen a month

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced on August 27 that it will launch a service that allows users of its smartphone based on Android and Windows Mobile to have the same experience as i-mode cellphones at 9 am on September 1.

By subscribing to its service “sp mode,” the users will be able to send/receive e-mails with the i-mode e-mail domain, or docomo.ne.jp, on their smartphone.

The sp mode service will require the users to download its dedicated application for the e-mailing and levy a monthly charge of ¥315 on them.

The application is available from the Android Market or the Windows Marketplace for Mobile via the DoCoMo Market.

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Sat August 28, 2010

VISA to enhance security on mobile EC sites (1) -- Japan is the first nation

Visa Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd. announced on August 26 that it will tentatively introduce its Visa Authentication Service to mobile EC sites in October.

Japan will be the first country where the service is available on mobiles.

The service will work on cellphones from DoCoMo, KDDI (au), Softbank Mobile as well as smartphone such as iPhone and Xperia.

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Fri August 27, 2010

NTT East to open a showroom of optically connected home

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT EAST) will open a showroom where visitors can experience a life in a home that connects to its optical network on August 26 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

The showroom Hikari (Optics) HOUSE is admission free.

NTT EAST says it aims to response to consumer demands that they would like to experience its services brought through FTTH in a real environment by using the showroom.

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Thu August 26, 2010

JCI provides SIM for users of SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 (1) -- Unleashed from SBM

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI), Japan's MVNO pioneer, on August 23 officially announced a service using its SIM card for SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 users to connect to NTT DoCoMo's 3G network, which will launch on August 26.

Its SIM card service “talking b-micro SIM platinum service” charges a monthly fee of ¥6,260, which allows the user to do data communications unlimitedly and do voice calls for the minutes equivalent to ¥1,050 on her/his iPhone 4.

The price has significantly changed from the one initially announced at JCI's results briefing held on August 6.

To use the service, you need to get a SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 handset from overseas that conforms to the Radio Law in Japan.

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Wed August 25, 2010

Watch a video with three friends on mixi together

Frontmedia, Inc., Tokyo, Japan-based company that provides its video delivery service QTV Video for mobile users, announced on August 23 that it has launch a service which allows a user who buys a video to share it on Japan's SNS mixi.

To use the service, the dedicated mixi application will be needed.

With the application, a mixi user can share a video he/she bought from the QTV Video service with up to three mai mikus (my mixi: my friends on mixi) of his/her on mixi at the same time on mobile.

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