Sun October 31, 2010

Shopping on Wii all day long

Dentsu Inc. announced on October 29 that it will add a shopping mall to Wii's online channel on November 1.

The shopping mall “Wii no Ma Shopping” will appear on “Wii no Ma Channel,” which allows the viewer to do on-line shopping around the clock by using Wii's remote control.

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Sat October 30, 2010

Emobile to launch an Android mobile

Emobile Ltd. announced its Android-based smartphone on October 28.

The smartphone HTC Aria is expected to hit the market this winter.

Emobile said details about the HTC Aria would be unveiled soon.

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Fri October 29, 2010

T's TV fits in Bravia

Tokyo, Japan-based Broadmedia Corp. announced on October 27 that it had made its video delivery service viewable on Sony's Bravia TVs.

Its video delivery service, or “T's TV Rental Video Service,” is now available on digital LCD TV sets that are from Sharp, Toshiba, and Sony.

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Thu October 28, 2010

JCI to launch a set of SIM and SIM-lock-free iPhone

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) announced on October 25 that it has concluded a distributor contract with Top Y Japan, Tokyo-based company that operates cellphone dealer “Power Pocket Shop.”

Power Pocket Shop will begin to sell a set of JCI's SIM service and a SIM-lock-free mobile handset such as iPhone by the end of 2010.

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Wed October 27, 2010

Kindle's new features (1) -- E-books to be transferable has revealed that it will add a feature to its Kindle e-book reader that allows you to move the e-book you bought on your Kindle to another Kindle or a Kindle application.

The moved e-book will be readable for 14 days, which disenables the original e-book on your Kindle during the period.

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Tue October 26, 2010

SIM card for iPhone 3G S (2) -- Data and voice

The SIM card Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) launched for SIM-lock-free iPhone 3G S on October 20 is provided under the “talkingSIM platinum service.”

The service charges a monthly fee of ¥6,260, which allows the user to do data communications unlimitedly and do voice calls for the minutes equivalent to ¥1,050 on her/his iPhone 3G S.

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Mon October 25, 2010