Wed June 03, 2009

NEC BIGLOBE to provide Mobile WiMAX service as MVNO

NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd. announced Monday that it will begin to provide its high-speed wireless communications service “BIGLOBE High-Speed Mobile WiMAX” on July 1 as an MVNO that relies on UQ Communications Inc.'s Mobile WiMAX infrastructure.

The service will be available to the individual and corporate members that use BIGLOBE as ISP, levying on them the initial cost of ¥2,835 and the monthly fee of ¥4,263.

Those who are not the members can utilize the Mobile WiMAX service by subscribing to the Basic Course service of BIGLOBE that will additionally cost ¥210 a month.

posted by sam at 08:44:20 JST on Wed June 03, 2009 | Comment(2) | TrackBack(0) | mobile
i work for the uganda communications commission.iwish to know whether you offer yraining on wimax so i can apply and attend.

kind regards,

agaba collin.
Posted by agaba collin at 22:08:11 JST on Tue July 21, 2009

Thanks for your comment.

I'm sorry to say that I don't provide a training program on WiMAX.

As for translation,
I could help you.

Posted by sam at 06:20:57 JST on Sun July 26, 2009
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