Fri March 21, 2008

USEN streams the Pacific League baseball games on TV

USEN Corp. provides the baseball games of Japan's Pacific League live on TV for the subscribers to its video delivery service Gyao Next.

The games to be held under the auspices of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters are for now out of the delivery.

The delivery service covers not only live telecast but also on-demand streaming and time-shift playback of the games.

The Gyao Next service is available on TV through the dedicated set-top box at ¥3,900 a month.

posted by sam at 00:01:14 JST on Fri March 21, 2008 | Comment(2) | TrackBack(0) | Network
Am looking for the contact person for Gyao next or Usen in charge of the broadcst / programs service? I have channels and content you may be interested in.
Posted by pauline at 00:52:05 JST on Tue July 15, 2008
Hello, Pauline, thanks for your comment.

I guess you can get the contact information from USEN's website that will allow you to reach the person you want to get in touch with.
Posted by sam at 07:58:21 JST on Sat July 19, 2008
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