Mon August 09, 2010

JCI to provide SIM for SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 (2) -- Data and Voice or Data only

Japan Communications Inc.'s (JCI's) SIM card for SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 labeled with the Technical Conformity Mark, b-micro SIM, will let you choose one of its two service plans: data communications and voice call or data communications only.

The former will levy a monthly fee of ¥3,785, which allows the user to do voice calls for the minutes equivalent to ¥1,050.

The latter will levy a monthly fee of ¥2,980.

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Sun August 08, 2010

JCI to provide SIM for SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 (1)

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI), Japan's MVNO pioneer, announced on August 6 that it will release a SIM card for SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 within this month.

The SIM card puts voice calls and data communications exchanged on the iPhone 4 through NTT DoCoMo's network.

To use its SIM card “b-micro SIM” for the iPhone 4, you will need to get a SIM-lock-free iPhone 4 handset labeled with the Technical Conformity Mark, though the ones sold in Japan are SIM-locked.

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Sat August 07, 2010

Japan's mobile operators to provide a flat-late packet communications service overseas (1)

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced on August 3 that it will begin to provide a flat-late packet communications service overseas on September 1.

The user will be able to do packet communications on its cellphone or on her/his PC via its cellphone for ¥1,480 a day at most until March 31, 2011.

On and after April 1, 2011, the service will levy ¥1,980 a day until the user exchange 200,000 packets on the day.

When over 200,000 packets are exchanged a day, the user will be charged ¥2,980 at most on the day.

The service will be available through DoCoMo's affiliated mobile operators in 24 countries/territories.

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Fri August 06, 2010

DoCoMo and Dai Nippon Printing ties up to compete in e-book business

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. announced on August 4 that they have agreed in principle on their partnership for the e-book business targeting mobile devices.

They will begin to provide an e-book service for mobile devices in October or November.

“We will establish a hybrid bookstore system that deals in paper book and electronic book combinedly,” said a DoCoMo executive at the press conference.

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Thu August 05, 2010

Sing karaoke on Android cellphone

YAMAHA Music Media Corporation began to provide a karaoke service for Android-based cellphones on August 2.

To use its service My Sound Karaoke, the user will need to download the dedicated application from the Android Market on her/his Android cellphone.

As of now, the karaoke service works on some cellphones, such as NTT DoCoMo's HT-03A, SO-01B (Xperia), and SH-10B (LYNX), au by KDDI's IS01, and Softbank Mobile's X06HT (HTC Desire).

The service levies a monthly fee of ¥630 on the user.

In addition to the monthly fee, the user may need to pay the communications fee to enjoy the karaoke service, depending on the plan he/she contracts with his/her mobile operator.

The user who subscribes to the service will be able to sing karaoke tunes unlimitedly.

Free trial services are also available.

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Wed August 04, 2010

JCI's talkingSIM card provides for tethering on iPhone 3G S

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI), Japan's MVNO pioneer, announced on July 30 that it has tethering-enabled its SIM card “talkingSIM” for SIM-lock-free mobile devices.

So, for instance, you will be able to use a SIM-lock-free iPhone 3G S labeled with the Technical Conformity Mark as a portable wireless Wi-Fi router by inserting the SIM card in it.

The tethering features will allow the user to do data communications unlimitedly on her/his PC via a SIM-lock-free mobile device with the SIM card in it at the monthly charge of ¥3,960.

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Tue August 03, 2010

Photos taken from ISS are arranged for iPhone/iPad

TV TOKYO Corporation, BS Japan Corporation, and TV TOKYO Broadband Entertainment, Inc. announced on July 29 that they will release an iPhone/iPad application in August that shows photos taken from the ISS (International Space Station).

The photos were shot by a Japanese astronaut Soichi NOGUCHI, who stayed in the ISS from December 2009 to June 2010.

The application has been spun off from their TV program “What a wonderful world!”.

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