Tue July 20, 2010

Upgraded OS for iPhone/iPad

Apple Inc. released upgrades for the OS of the iPhone/the iPad on July 16.

The iOS 4.0.1 Software Update for iPhone is intended for the iPhone 3G/the iPhone 3G S/the iPhone 4.

The OS 3.2.1 Software Update for iPad is intended for both the iPad with Wi-Fi and the iPad with Wi-Fi+3G.

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Mon July 19, 2010

Octopus makes a decision for you on iPhone

A Brazilian company has developed an iPhone application that capitalizes on the popularity of the World Cup psychic octopus Paul.

The application allows the user to let an octopus choose between the two in the same way that Paul did by selecting one of the two boxes in the water.

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Sun July 18, 2010

iPhone app for location-linked SNS

Kyoto, Japan-headquartered Hatena, an Internet-related service company, released an iPhone application for its location-linked SNS “Hatena Koko” on July 15.

Its application “Hatena Koko for iPhone” is available from the App Store for free.

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Fri July 16, 2010

The i-mode e-mail domain to be available on DoCoMo's smartphone

DoCoMo Inc. announced on July 13 that it will launch a service that allows users of its smartphone based on Android and Windows Mobile to have the same experience as i-mode cellphones in September.

By subscribing to its service “sp mode,” the users will be able to send/receive e-mails with the i-mode e-mail domain, or docomo.ne.jp, on their smartphone.

The sp mode service will require the users to download its dedicated software for the e-mailing and levy a monthly charge of ¥315 on them.

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Wed July 14, 2010

Cellphone with RFID reader/writer

Hitachi, Ltd. and KDDI Corp. announced on July 12 at a press conference that they have devised a cellphone with an RFID reader/writer embedded in it.

The RFID reader/writer can communicate with not only passive tags but also active ones in UHF band.

Hitachi and KDDI will make their field demonstration experiment on the cellphone at commercial facilities in 2010.

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Fri July 09, 2010

SBM's Wi-Fi relies on Wi2's APs

Wire and Wireless (Wi2) Co., Ltd. announced on July 7 that it has formed an alliance with Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. regarding their public Wi-Fi service.

The alliance allows users of SBM's Wi-Fi service, Softbank Wi-Fi Spot, that is available on their SBM's cellphone to connect to Wi2's Wi-Fi APs.

Its APs are installed, for example, in Marunouchi area in Tokyo, in Yokohama area in Kanagawa, and in limousine buses departing/reaching Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

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Mon July 05, 2010

New Kindle with better contrast (2) -- Works with Facebook and Twitter

Amazon's new Kindle DX has a selling point of a higher contrast e-ink display.

And it works with Facebook and Twitter easily.

To order it from Japan, you will need to have an Amazon.com account even if you already have an Amazon.co.jp account.

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