Sat April 17, 2010

iPad hits Japan in late May

As Apple Inc. announced on April 14 (U.S. time), the iPad will be launched in late May in countries including Japan.

Apple said it will announce prices of the iPad and begin to receive online reservations for the iPad on May 10.

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Thu April 15, 2010

Opera Mini for iPhone/iPod Touch

Opera Software announced Tuesday that it has made its Web browser Opera Mini workable on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The Opera Mini is available from the App Store.

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Tue April 13, 2010

Netbook powered by battery for 14.4 hours (2)

The MX1007A4 has a 10.1-inch LED backlight LCD.

It weights around 1.16 kg and has dimensions of 266 x 18 - 22 x 230 mm.

It comes loaded with Windows 7, one gigabyte of memory, a 250-gigabyte HDD, b and g of Wi-Fi features, Bluetooth connections, and a 1.3 million-pixel Web camera.

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Sat April 10, 2010

Netbook powered by battery for 14.4 hours (1)

Onkyo Corp. announced on April 7 that it will launch a netbook that can be powered by battery for up to 14.4 hours.

Its netbook MX1007A4 is expected to hit the marketplace on April 10 with a ¥59,800 price tag.

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Fri April 09, 2010

MIC formulates a guideline for SIM-lock-freeing

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has decided to develop a guideline for Japan's mobile carriers to deal with SIM-lock-free mobile handsets.

At a public hearing to receive views on SIM-lock-freeing from Japan's mobile carriers and mobile handset manufacturers on April 2, the MIC expressed the decision.

As of now in Japan, a mobile handset you get at a mobile phone dealer operated under its mobile carrier is SIM-locked, so the handset cannot be used for another mobile carrier's service.

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Tue April 06, 2010

au to launch Android keitai with keyboard (2)

The IS01, KDDI Corp.'s (au's) Android-based device due after early June this year, will provide the user with the same experience as its existing cellphone.

For example, the user can use an email address with on it as her/his own one and send/receive decoration emails.

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Sun April 04, 2010

Operation check of Android apps for Xperia

The &ROIDER, a website designed to provide Android-related information, began to indicate applications for Android that have been operation-checked on NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s Xperia on April 1.

The &ROIDER has reviewed about 1,000 Android applications, some 90 percent of which have been confirmed to operate appropriately on the Xperia so far.

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