Fri February 05, 2010

Overlayed ad on iPhone video

SkillUpJapan Corp., Tokyo, Japan-based company that provides digital content delivery platforms, announced Wednesday that it released a video delivery solution for the iPhone on that day.

Its solution “ULIZA AD Streamer for iPhone” realizes delivery of overlayed ads to the iPhone in conjunction with its implemented video player.

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Tue January 26, 2010

New Android keitai to launch from DoCoMo in April (2)

In conjunction with the launch of the Xperia in April, NTT DoCoMo Inc. will begin to provide an application delivery service for its Android-based smartphones.

Its service DoCoMo Market is expected to be more user-friendly than the Android Market for Japanese users.

DoCoMo added that it will enable its smartphones to employ i-mode e-mail features by the end of 2010.

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Sun January 24, 2010

New Android keitai to launch from DoCoMo in April (1)

Are you now using DoCoMo's Android cellphone docomo PRO series HT-03A?

NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (SEMC) unveiled their new Android-based smartphone on January 21.

Their new smartphone Xperia is expected to hit the market in April.

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Sat January 16, 2010

Tezuka's manga arrives in book form on iPhone/iPod touch

Do you always read Tezuka's manga on your iPhone/iPod touch every Tuesday?

Yappa Corp., the Tokyo, Japan-based ICT-related company that has been delivering Osamu TEZUKA's manga weekly from the App Store for free since April 13, 2009, announced Wednesday that it added an enhanced delivery of his manga on that day.

The delivery will be done for the iPhone/iPod touch in book form through the charge-free application TEZUKA Osamu Magazine Shop which Yappa has released on the App Store.

The application allows iPhone/iPod touch users to get a manga book for ¥350.

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Sat January 02, 2010

Google's voice recognition technology is open to developers

Google Inc. announced on December 25, 2009 that it's API for Japanese voice recognition technology is disclosed to developers of application based on the Android platform.

The API is employed in Google's voice-activated search features that launched for the iPhone and Android cellphones on December 7, 2009.

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Sat December 26, 2009

Ugly Betty Mode After Hours gets on NHK One-Seg 2

Do you like watching Ugly Betty and Ugly Betty Mode After Hours?

The Walt Disney Japan Ltd. announced Thursday that the episodes of Ugly Betty Mode After Hours will begin to be on the air for NHK One-Seg 2, a channel dedicated to cellphone, on January 4, 2010.

You can watch them on cellphone for free.

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Tue December 22, 2009

UQ WiMAX restarts at 380 JPY (2) -- Wi-Fi also available

UQ Communications Inc.'s new two-stage pricing system UQ Step brings another price plan to the subscriber in addition to the existing one UQ Flat.

The UQ Step price plan costs ¥380 to ¥4,980 a month depending on the number of packets the subscriber communicate during the month.

The UQ Flat price plan levies a monthly flat rate of ¥4,480 on an all-you-can-use basis.

Note that both of the plans allow the subscriber to use UQ's Wi-Fi service UQ Wi-Fi for free.

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