Sun December 20, 2009

UQ WiMAX restarts at 380 JPY (1) -- Two-stage pricing

Are you using a WiMAX service comfortably?

UQ Communications Inc., Japan's Mobile WiMAX service provider, began to provide a two-stage pricing system.

Its new system UQ Step costs ¥380 to ¥4,980 a month depending on the number of packets sent / received on the user's device during the month.

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Thu December 17, 2009

Kindle embarks on iPhone/iPod touch

Do you read books on the Kindle?, Inc. announced on December 14 (U.S. Time) that it has released an application that allows people in more than 60 countries including Japan to read e-books purchased in the Kindle Store on the iPhone/iPod touch.

Its application Kindle for iPhone is available from the App Store or iTunes Store.

The Kindle for iPhone was launched in the U.S. on March 4 this year, but unavailable in any other country.

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Thu December 10, 2009

CNET Japan for iPhone/Android

Do you often visit the CNET website?

Asahi Interactive Inc., operator of the CNET Japan website, announced Monday that it has launched its website of CNET Japan for the iPhone and Android-based cellphones.

The website ( can work with Twitter and highlight keywords in the search result.

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Wed December 09, 2009

Internet radio on iPhone 3G/iPod touch

Do you often listen to the radio via the Internet?

Dentsu Inc., Japan's major ad agency, announced Monday that it will release an application that allows you to listen to the radio on the iPhone 3G/iPhone 3G S/iPod touch by the end of this year.

Its application “kikeru appli β version” is expected to be available from the App Store for free.

It will not only receive Internet radio but also display information on the radio programs, the program schedules, and so on.

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Tue December 08, 2009

au delivers HD videos

Do you often watch video clips on cellphone?

KDDI Corp. and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company announced on December 2 that they have decided to deliver pay-per-view 10-or-less megabyte HD videos for au cellphones.

The videos began to be delivered on December 3 via au's official EZ sites run by content providers.

And KDDI's video delivery site LISMO Video Store will begin to deliver them on December 17.

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Tue December 01, 2009

BlackBerry eliminates the need for PC, DoCoMo touts

Are you addicted to the BlackBerry?

NTT DoCoMo Inc. said on November 26 that the BlackBerry outperforms the iPhone and Windows Mobile-based and Android-based cellphones for business use at the BlackBerry Day 2009 show co-hosted with Research In Motion (RIM) Limited in Tokyo, Japan.

DoCoMo emphasized that the BlackBerry's security features stand out from the competition.

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Sat November 28, 2009

UQ WiMAX is expanding

Are you enjoying communications through Mobile WiMAX?

UQ Communications Inc., Japan's Mobile WiMAX service provider, announced Thursday that its service UQ WiMAX is covering more areas in Japan.

When the service launched in July, it covered metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto.

As of November 26, the coverage reaches 262 cities in 35 prefectures, including cities of Sapporo, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka.

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