Tue October 13, 2009

DoCoMo halts operation of stolen cellphone (1)

Your cellphone may be suddenly out of order today.

NTT DoCoMo Inc. has begun to forcibly halt operation of stolen cellphones.

Some of the stolen cellphones are handled in the secondhand market.

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Wed October 07, 2009

Cellphone to diagnose your golf swing

Fujitsu Ltd. announced on September 28 that it has conjured a cellphone that diagnoses your golf swing.

The cellphone put on your waist will tell you how to improve your swing on the screen.

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Tue October 06, 2009

Wooden keitai from DoCoMo

NTT DoCoMo Inc. has prototyped a wooden cellphone.

Its cellphone, the TOUCH WOOD, will be framed out with Japanese cypress.

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Wed September 30, 2009

WILLCOM begins XGP service (2)

WILLCOM's XGP service, WILLCOM CORE XGP, will launch for a limited number of users over a limited coverage area in Tokyo on October 1.

In addition to the 400 users who subscribe to the WILLCOM-branded XGP service, about 1,000 people will begin to use the WILLCOM CORE XGP service via the MVNOs.

The users can use the service for free until March 31, 2010.

From April 1, 2010, the day the service is due to get into production where the number of users isn't limited, the users will pay ¥4,380 for the monthly fee and ¥945 a month for Internet connectivity.

The launch of service in production has been behind schedule due to financial and technical difficulties.

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Tue September 29, 2009

WILLCOM begins XGP service (1)

Do you need more choices of public mobile services?

WILLCOM, Inc. announced on September 24 that it will begin to provide its XGP service for a limited number of users on October 1.

The service will start with 400 users whose addresses are in Tokyo's 23 wards and who are now using WILLCOM's existing service, either AIR-EDGE or WILLCOM CORE 3G.

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Wed September 23, 2009

iPhone/iPod touch application for conquering games

Tokyo, Japan-based BACCASS Inc., designer/developer of iPhone applications, announced on September 18 that it began to provide gamers with an application for the iPhone/iPod touch that day.

BACCASS' new application, the GameLog, allows the registered users to exchange tips about conquering iPhone/iPod games with one another.

The application is available in English and Japanese from the App Store free of charge.

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Fri September 18, 2009

Armani keitai comes to Japan

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced Tuesday that it will release a cellphone co-developed by Giorgio Armani and Samsung Electronics.

The cellphone, 830SC EMPORIO ARMANI, is due out on September 18 at the Emporio Armani shops under the direct management and on September 19 at SBM dealers.

It will cost ¥18,720 when you pay for it on a 24-month installment plan.

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