Thu September 17, 2009

WiMAX roaming in US and Russia

UQ Communications Inc., Japan's Mobile WiMAX service provider, announced Tuesday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with an American and a Russian WiMAX service provider on global roaming service of WiMAX.

The American provider is Clearwire Communications and the Russian one is Yota.

These three providers say that, aiming to launch a global roaming service of WiMAX as early as possible, they will collaborate from a business and technological standpoint to foster an environment where various kinds of WiMAX-enabled devices are available in the service.

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Wed September 16, 2009

NEC, Casio, Hitachi consolidate keitai businesses

NEC Corp., Casio Computer Co., Ltd., and Hitachi, Ltd. announced Monday that they will establish a joint venture to consolidate their cellphone businesses in April 2010.

The joint venture named NEC Casio Mobile Communications will hold 19% of domestic market share, No.2 position following Sharp Corp.

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Tue September 15, 2009

Softbank e-mails delivered to unintended recipients

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced on September 9 that a failure in its e-mail delivery system took place late in August.

The failure made some e-mails misdelivered to unspecified destinations or other email address than the one of the real sender shown on received e-mails.

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Sun September 13, 2009

iPhone/iPod touch works as server

Tokyo, Japan-based ICT-related firm FreeBit Co.,Ltd. announced on September 7 that it had released the latest version of its application in 77 countries/regions in the world that makes the iPhone/iPod touch work as a server dealing with Web, file, or other transactions.

The application ServersMan@iPhone 3.0β is available from the App Store for free in Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese.

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Thu September 03, 2009

Compatible SMS among Japan's carriers

NTT DoCoMo Inc., KDDI Corp. (au), Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (au), Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp., and Emobile Ltd. announced Tuesday that they have agreed in principle to develop a system that allows for a short message service (SMS) compatible among them.

As of now, you can exchange SMS messages with only those who subscribe to the same mobile carrier's service as you.

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Sat August 29, 2009

You need three seconds to boot Sharp's new netbook

SHARP Corp. announced Thursday that it will launch its new MID (mobile Internet device) NetWalker on September 25.

SHARP claims the NetWalker starts up in three seconds and runs for 10 hours.

It is A6-sized, weighs 409 g, has a touch-sensitive screen and B/G Wi-Fi features, and comes in a color choice of black, red, and white at a price of about ¥45,000.

Will you be satisfied with the mobile devise that operates on Ubuntu with an i.MX515 processor and has 512 megabytes of memory and a 4-gigabyte flash-memory drive?

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Fri August 28, 2009

Train operation information is delivered to conductor's cellphone by e-mail

Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd., following West Japan Railway Company (JR West), will on September 12 introduce a cellphone e-mail delivery system for its train conductors to provide the passengers on the train with operation information more accurately.

In the system, the conductors receive an e-mail from the operation management office and read it out to the passengers through a microphone; for example, when an accident takes place that will lead to delay in train operations.

As of now, they receive such information via radio communication, jot it down, and announce it to the passengers.

So the announcement tends to be inaccurate because of jotting-down in a noisy conductor room.

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