Sat May 23, 2009

Android keitai from DoCoMo (2)--Touch-sensitive

The docomo PRO series HT-03A, NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s first Android-based cellphone due to come on Japan's market in June or July this year, has a 3.2-inch touch-screen display.

On the display, a software keyboard will appear to enter characters.

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Fri May 22, 2009

Toshiba pulls plug on domestic production of cellphone

Toshiba Corp. announced Wednesday that it has decided to discontinue manufacturing its cellphone handsets in Japan to decrease the cost.

Toshiba will begin to commission overseas firms to manufacture them in October this year.

Toshiba's exiting resources for the manufacture will be applied to the other tasks including design and development of cellphone.

Note that its smartphones such as T-01A will continue to be manufactured in Zhejiang, China.

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Thu May 21, 2009

Android keitai from DoCoMo (1)--Launch in June or July

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced Tuesday that it will release an Android-based cellphone in June or July this year.

The cellphone docomo PRO series HT-03A, expected to cost ¥25,000-¥30,000 for the handset itself, will allow you to handle Google's services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube without difficulty and download your favorite applications from the Android Market.

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Wed May 13, 2009

PTT to cease in September 2010 in Japan

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced on May 8 that it will discontinue its PTT (push to talk) service on September 30, 2010.

The service, Push Talk, began to be provided in November 2005.

However, it has attracted fewer users than expected.

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Mon May 11, 2009

Emobile applies for 3.9G BS installation (2)--Is LTE a system of promise?

The higher-speed communications service for cellphone, which Emobile Ltd. will launch at the end of FY2011, is based on the system of LTE (long term evolution).

The system is a de facto standard for the 3.9G mobile date communications, which NTT DoCoMo Inc., KDDI Corp., and Softbank Mobile Corp. are also going to adopt as one of their next generation systems.

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Sun May 10, 2009

Emobile applies for 3.9G BS installation (1)--Expected to launch in 2012

Are you looking forward to the arrival of higher-speed communications services for cellphone, like 3.9G or 4G?

Emobile Ltd. announced on May 7 that it applied for official recognition of its 3.9G BS (base station) installation project with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) on May 1.

Emobile is aiming to begin to provide its commercial 3.9G communications service at the end of FY2011.

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Fri May 08, 2009

Cellphone navigates you at stations (3)--Coupon available for free

Tokyo-based ekitan & Co., Ltd.'s mobile website, Xmode@Station Information&Coupon, provides information about the station on cellphone, including the location of bathrooms and coin lockers, for its dues-paying members only.

However, nonmembers can use the online coupon service through the website free of charge.

The website includes some of the major stations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka and is available on NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s cellphones only as of April 20.

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