Sun April 12, 2009

YouTube Mobile playable on cellphone from Japan's major MNOs (1)

Do you often play YouTube on your cellphone?

Google Japan Inc. announced on April 9 that its video sharing website for cellphone, YouTube Mobile, has got adapted to the primary cellphone handsets from NTT DoCoMo Inc., KDDI Corp. (au), and Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp.

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Fri April 10, 2009

Yahoo! Messenger gets on iPhone/iPod touch

Is Yahoo! Messenger a must in your daily Net life, even on the move?

Yahoo! Inc. released its instant messaging (IM) application Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone on April 6, U.S. Time.

The application will allow you to send and receive IM- and SMS-based messages, using emoticons and web links as well, and to share photos on your iPhone/iPod touch.

It is available from the App Store for free.

Yahoo Japan Corp., Apple Japan Inc., and Softbank Mobile Corp. have yet to announce how and when they will deal in the application.

Anyway, you would be faced with another battery-hungry application for the iPhone/iPod touch.

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Thu April 09, 2009

BlackBerry Bold overheat is caused by its software

Is your BlackBerry Bold working well?

The BlackBerry operator in Japan, NTT DoCoMo Inc., announced Tuesday that it is a software glitch that overheats its smartphone, the docomo PRO series BlackBerry Bold.

Although DoCoMo suspended the sale of the smartphone on February 27 due to the overheat, it will resume on April 10.

The smartphone users who got it before February 27 can update the software by downloading it on their BlackBerry Bold for free.

Update it before you burn yourself!

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Sat April 04, 2009

Cat on iPhone/iPod touch

Do you like cats?

You can always stay with them on your iPhone/iPod touch.

The Neko (Cat) Tube application intended for the operation on the iPhone (2.0 or later)/iPod touch automatically downloads a popular cat video from the YouTube every day.

The application is available from the App Store at ¥350.

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Thu April 02, 2009

Skype embarks on iPhone/iPod Touch

Skype Technologies S.A. released its application Skype for the iPhone/iPod Touch on the App Store on March 31, U.S. Time.

Apple Japan Inc. and Softbank Mobile Corp. have yet to announce how and when they will deal in the application.

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Tue March 31, 2009

Adapter acts as a bridge between UQ WiMAX and Wi-Fi

UQ Communications Inc., Japan's Mobile WiMAX service provider, released a Wi-Fi adapter that puts you on the Internet through its data communications service UQ WiMAX on March 27.

The adapter, WiMAX Wi-Fi GATEWAY UG01OK, is to be set up at a window to connect you to the UQ WiMAX service via Wi-Fi when you are at a spot that may be out of the WiMAX coverage in your home.

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Sun March 29, 2009

Emobile goes underground in Tokyo

Emobile Ltd. began to provide its mobile communications service at some stations of Tokyo Metro subway lines on March 26.

Emobile is enhancing the service coverage at more stations of the subway lines.

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