Thu February 19, 2009

SBM runs LTE trial

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. obtained a license to carry out a trial of LTE in the field on February 16 and started the trial on February 17.

The trial is being made with three base stations and three terminal units in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

In the trial, some data will be collected and analyzed, including the radio wave propagation, interference, and throughput.

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Sun February 08, 2009

Google to Japanize Android

Google Inc. announced on February 2 that it will localize its smart phone OS Android into Japanese in 2009.

Google also said that it will provide on the Android a piece of software for Japanese-language input.

Say, what do you think of the new Japanese-language Google?

Is it getting more cluttered?

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Fri February 06, 2009

Softbank Mobile to operate as MVNO

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. and Emobile Ltd. announced Wednesday that they are working together so that SBM can provide a flat-rate date communications service as an MVNO of Emobile from early March.

SBM has yet to unveil the handsets and the rate for the service.

SBM will be the first mobile operator in Japan that, though having its own ones, leases lines from another mobile operator in order to run MVNO businesses.

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Thu February 05, 2009

Mobile WiMax poised to move on

UQ Communications Inc. announced Tuesday that it will start the trial service of Mobile WiMax on February 26.

The trial is to take place in some areas of the Kanto region in Japan for the 5,000 monitors for free until June 30.

UQ Communications will launch the commercial Mobile WiMax service UQ WiMAX on July 1, offering the “UQ Flat” package only, which levies the flat rate of ¥4,480 a month.

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Sun February 01, 2009

DoCoMo to cease 2G cellphone service in 2012

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced on January 30 that it will discontinue providing its 2G (second generation, or PDC-based) cellular phone service “mova” and packet communications service “DoPa” on March 31, 2012.

DoCoMo is now encouraging users of these services―allegedly amounting to 6.7 million―to move to its 3G service “FOMA,” showing some special incentives to them.

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Fri January 30, 2009

Emobile boasts monthly charge of ¥780 for voice call between users

Emobile Ltd. announced Wednesday that it will launch a new service plan that levies a flat rate of ¥780 per subscriber for monthly charge on February 7.

The plan allows the subscriber in Emobile coverage, or not in the roaming area, to make a free domestic phone call and send a free short message to another subscriber around the clock.

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Tue January 27, 2009

O-saifu keitai to be released by Willcom

Willcom Inc. announced two types of O-saifu keitai handset manufactured by Kyocera Corp. on January 22.

The handsets, WX340K and BAUM (WX341K), sport mobile wallet features such as Edy.

They are expected to hit the shelves from February or later.

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