Fri January 23, 2009

Insurance company opens website for iPhone 3G/iPod touch users

Sompo Japan DIY Life Insurance Co., Ltd. set up its Web site for iPhone 3G/iPod touch users in Japan on January 21.

The company is the first in the industry to have developed a Web site dedicated to the iPhone 3G/iPod touch.

The Web site is designed for touch-screen operation and improves in usability and viewability.

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Wed January 21, 2009

CRM on iPhone

A piece of business-card management software for iPhone is expected to come in March 2009.

The software is intended for business use, CRM (customer relationship management), rather than entertainment purpose.

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Tue January 20, 2009

Travel reservation through iPhone 3G/iPod touch(2)―Portable travel agent

When you install the application software of travel reservation on your iPhone 3G/iPod touch, it will operate like a travel agent.

The software shows your present location by tapping your finger on the map icon.

The map icon also leads to the guide to hotels around you on the spot.

The hotels will be indicated on the map along with their name, photo, and brief overview.

The map has an arrow icon that pops up details of the specific hotel.

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Sun January 18, 2009

Travel reservation through iPhone 3G/iPod touch(1)―Make reservations on the spot

Rakuten Travel, Inc. released a free application software of travel reservation for iPhone 3G/iPod touch on the App Store on January 15.

The software allows you to retrieve hotels based on your destination or present location recognized by the GPS feature and make the reservation right there in Japan.

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Fri January 16, 2009

Is iPhone nano coming up?

A rumor is floating around that iPhone nano will be launched in China first.

What is the novelty of that stuff?

Is it only smaller than the existing ones?

Say, has the iPhone 3G hit South Korea's market yet?

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Thu January 08, 2009

Calligraphy on iPhone 3G/iPod touch

The calligraphy software “i Shodo” has been released for iPhone 3G/iPod touch by a Japan-based company.

The software, coming with a ¥115 price tag, allows you to write with a brush-like stroke on the screen of your iPhone 3G/iPod touch.

The writing can be posted on the micro-blog Twitter.

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Wed January 07, 2009

One-seg tuner for iPhone 3G in stores

The one-seg digital TV tuner for the iPhone 3G “TV & Battery” will hit the shelves of Softbank Mobile (SBM) dealers around Japan on January 9.

The tuner, which costs ¥9,840, including tax, is connected to the iPhone 3G via Wi-Fi and transmits one-seg TV broadcasts to it.

To watch the TV broadcasts, you will need to install the special software available from the App Store on your iPhone 3G.

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