Thu January 01, 2009

JAL on au keitai(2)―the best one for JAL gurus?

The JAL-customized cellphone also allows you to show a flying 787-type airplane on your cellphone screen when you receive/send an email.

The customization would be done at an au shop when you bring your au cellphone in there.

Can JAL lock in customers by making best use of the customized cellphone?

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Mon December 29, 2008

JAL on au keitai(1)―customized cellphone

Japan Airlines Corporation (JAL) announced on December 25 that it began to offer the “JAL Keitai Pack” service using KDDI's au cellphone customization provision that day.

The service brings you some features on your au keitai, including the special standby screen and the easy access to JAL's information.

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Sun December 21, 2008

Vertical bamboo flute on iPhone

You can play the shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute) on your iPhone.

The flute software application, iShakuhachi, was released on the App Store on December 18.

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Sat December 20, 2008

Shinkansen to kick off Wi-Fi in March 2009

The Wi-Fi service in the Shinkansen bullet trains running between Osaka and Tokyo will be launched by the select providers in March 2009.

The providers―NTT Communications Corp., NTT DoCoMo Inc., Softbank Telecom Corp., and UQ Communications Inc.―are going to commit to the service in the “N700” Shinkansen railcar.

On the Shinkansen, the service users of the providers can connect to the Internet without extra charge.

Are you ready to be a road warrior even on a Shinkansen train?

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Tue December 16, 2008

Newspaper appears on iPhone 3G/iPod touch

Sankei Digital Inc., subsidiary of Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd., launched a newspaper download service for the iPhone 3G/iPod touch on December 12.

To read the newspaper, you need to install the viewer on your iPhone 3G/iPod touch that is available from the App Store for free.

When the viewer is invoked, the latest newspaper will be automatically downloaded to your iPhone 3G/iPod touch and you can read it free of charge in the same structure as the real paper.

The newspaper data on the server is updated around 5am every day.

The data stored on your iPhone 3G/iPod touch will be overwritten with the updated one every time it is downloaded.

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Sun December 14, 2008

iPhone 3G to hit Apple Store in Japan

Apple Japan Inc. revealed last Friday that it will start to sell the iPhone 3G at the Apple Store on December 16.

The Apple Store will allow you to complete the procedure for activation of the iPhone 3G as well as to buy it without having to go to a Softbank Mobile dealer.

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Tue December 09, 2008

Emobile to launch a new smartphone from HTC

Emobile Ltd. is expected to bring a new smartphone to the market that is manufactured by HTC Corp., a Taiwanese company, on December 20.

The smartphohe Dual Diamond (S22HT), which will come in a choice of black and pearl white colors, has both a numeric and a QWERTY keypad, but doesn't feature touch screen.

It is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard Edition.

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