Mon December 08, 2008

The number of Emobile users has exceeded one million

Emobile Ltd. announced on December 5 that the number of subscribers to the Emobile communication service topped one million at the end of last month.

Emobile launched the commercial mobile service in June 2007.

For Emobile to reach the number, it took eighteen months.

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Sun December 07, 2008

DoCoMo navigates you to Seven-Eleven

Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. launched a navigation system that works on NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s GPS-enabled cellphone on December 5.

The system shows the route from the place where you are now to the nearest Seven-Eleven store.

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Sat December 06, 2008

Smartphone from Dubai to hit Japan

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI), an MVNO in Japan, announced Wednesday that it will release a smartphone made by i-mate plc., a mobile phone handset manufacturer based in Dubai.

The smartphone, i-mate Ultimate 8502, is the first handset that i-mate launches in Japan.

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Fri December 05, 2008

SBM retracts words about charged portal site

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced Wednesday that it has withdrawn the plan to begin charging its users for accessing the portal site of the Yahoo! keitai service in February 2009.

The plan was unveiled on October 31 this year.

However, comprehensively judging from its users' opinions, SBM has abandoned the plan and will even enhance the free information services delivered on cellphone, company officials said.

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Wed December 03, 2008

Nokia's withdrawal from Japan damages DoCoMo

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced Monday that it has decided to drop off its plan to release the docomo PRO seriesTM Nokia E71 in February or March 2009.

The decision was triggered by Nokia's give-up on Japan market.

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Tue December 02, 2008

Hollywood gets on DoCoMo

The official mobile website of the i-mode, NTT DoCoMo Inc.'s Internet access service on cellphone, began to deliver some feature films from Hollywood on Monday.

The delivery is based on the streaming method.

The films can be played on the FOMA 902i lineup or later that adapts to the HSDPA system.

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Sat November 29, 2008

Nokia pulls plug on Japan market

Nokia, mobile phone manufacturer giant in the world, announced Thursday that it will quit marketing cellphones other than Vertu, the luxury handcrafted one, in Japan.

Nokia said it will continue to run its R&D and sourcing activities in Japan.

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