Mon November 10, 2008

SBM is blamed for overloaded phrase

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. has been denounced by the Consumers Organization of Japan (COJ) for the tough contract condition of the iPhone 3G.

The SBM dealers make the users sign the contract saying they can cancel it under no circumstances when they get the iPhone 3G.

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Sat November 08, 2008

ICT helps to take control of your own health care

The results of a survey conducted in Japan show that the domestic sales of the health care market are soaring where ICT and electronics are leveraged.

The sales reached ¥180 billion in 2007 and are expected to top ¥820 billion in 2015.

Especially, the market is significantly growing where cellphone or portable music player is exploited―¥200 million in 2007 and expected ¥40 billion in 2015.

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Thu November 06, 2008

Yahoo! keitai to price up

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. said on October 31 that it will begin to charge its users for accessing the portal site of the Yahoo! keitai service in February 2009.

The portal site is the first page you visit when you connect to the Internet on your SBM cellpone.

The charge may be more controversial if DoCoMo and KDDI (au) follow suit.

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Wed November 05, 2008

iPhone 3G to feature One Seg and lexigram

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced on October 30 that it will release iPhone 3G with the One Seg and picture writing functionalities.

The One Seg functionality is expected to debut next month and you will need the dedicated battery kit to make it workable.

The picture writing functionality is slated to appear within the current fiscal year and you will need to make your iPhone 3G upgraded to display lexigrams in the email.

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Mon October 20, 2008

Walk to generate electricity (2)―iPod works on it

The electricity generation system that NTT Corp. has developed is still on the prototype stage.

However, the system will allow iPod to go on working as long as you keep walking in the generator-installed shoes, company officials said on October 16.

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Sun October 19, 2008

Walk to generate electricity (1)―generator on shoes

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation announced on October 16 that it has developed a system for walk-generated electricity.

The system includes a generator installed on shoes you wear.

The electricity generation system is expected to come into practical use in 2010.

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Mon October 06, 2008

HTC to launch a cellphone with a touch-screen display (3)―complicating billing system

Emobile Ltd. announced on October 2 the price of Touch Diamond (S21HT), an HTC cellphone with a touch-screen display, that will be released on October 10.

The price of the cellphone handset itself will be ¥63,980 when you subscribe to the service under the basic contract with Emobile.

However, if you make a contract based on the premise that you use the same handset for two years, the price will be ¥39,980.

In addition to the above contracts, Emobile will offer some billing systems that allow you to get more discount.

The cellphone is quite cool, I guess, but the awful billing systems like this may discourage you from getting it.

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