Sun September 21, 2008

Refreshed Google on keitai (2)―Street View on mobile

The innovation in the mobile Web site for search and the addition of the menu “mobile iGoogle” to the site are not only the novelty that Google Japan launched for cellphone on September 18.

On some of the cellphones from DoCoMo Inc., or the handsets of the 903i or later and part of the 706i, the “mobile Google Maps” has been upgraded.

The upgraded “mobile Google Maps,” Version 2.3, can show the Street View on the cellphones.

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Sat September 20, 2008

Refreshed Google on keitai (1)―mobile iGoogle

Google Japan innovated in its mobile Web site for search and added the new menu “mobile iGoogle” to it on September 18.

The mobile Web site for search has been made more intuitive and faster to show the search result.

The menu “mobile iGoogle” allows you to arrange the displayed items as you like, such as email page, weather report, and blog service.

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Thu September 18, 2008

Mobage-town is considered wholesome

The Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association (EMA) authorized DeNA Co., Ltd. to run its mobile game/SNS site, Mobage-town, as a wholesome Web site for minors on Tuesday.

The authorization will let mobile phone operators in Japan exclude the Web site from their blacklist that comprehensively includes interactive Web pages as the harmful to minors.

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Wed September 17, 2008

iPhone 3G gets better in battery duration and Japanese-language input

Apple Inc. has released the new firmware for iPhone 3G that improves the battery duration and Japanese-language input functions.

The firmware, iPhone version 2.1, can be implemented on iPhone 3G through an iTunes 8-installed PC free of charge.

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Tue September 16, 2008

KDDI (au) to launch an HTC smartphone in 2009 (2)

The smartphone E30HT that will be released by KDDI Corp. next spring has features as follows:

− 2.8-inch touch-screen VGA LCD
− QWERTY keyboard
− CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A communication system
− Global roaming based on CDMA2000 system
− IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) system

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Mon September 15, 2008

SBM gives enterprises the loan of iPhone 3G for free (2)

Although Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. said that it is going to lend enterprises iPhone 3G free of charge for three months and bear the cost of voice calls and packet communications on it, the enterprises that will get the benefit are some of the attendees at the explanatory meeting held for the corporate customers on September 9.

At the meeting, Masayosi SON, CEO of Softbank Corp./Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp., emphasized that the usage of iPhone 3G would substantially improve business productivity and dramatically reform business lifestyle, adding SBM will enhance marketing of the solutions.

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Sun September 14, 2008

Filtering for mobile websites is getting stricter

The three major cellphone operators in Japan―NTT DoCoMo Inc., KDDI Corp., and Softbank Mobile Corp.―announced on September 12 that they will begin to provide the website filtering features for the minors who have been the subscribers to the operators' mobile service since 2007 or earlier.

The operators have provided the features for the minors who newly subscribe to their service since January 2008.

In addition, they have decided to exclude the websites authorized by the EMA from the filtering.

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