Sun November 28, 2010

Sony launches Reader in Japan (1) -- Two models in style

Sony Corp. unveiled its e-book reader Reader in Japan on November 25.

The two models of the Reader have different sizes of display screen.

The Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350) with a 5-inch screen and the Reader Touch Edition (PRS-650) with a 6-inch screen will go on sale on December 10.

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Fri November 26, 2010

Picture story book for iPad

Robot Communications Inc. announced on November 22 that it had launched a picture story book for the iPad on November 19.

Its picture story book “Stray Sheep ‘Poe's Christmas’” is available from the App Store at ¥800 in Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.

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Thu November 25, 2010

One-seg tuner with built-in battery for iPhone (3) -- Battery lasts 2.5 hours

The DH-ONE/IP, a one-seg tuner that Buffalo Inc. will launch for Apple's iPhone/iPod touch/iPad in early December, has a built-in battery.

The battery will allow the user to watch one-seg TV on them for about two and half hours.

It is adaptive to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the third generation of iPod touch with 32GB/64GB of storage, the fourth generation of iPod touch, and the iPad.

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Tue November 23, 2010

One-seg tuner with built-in battery for iPhone (2) -- Dedicated application needed

The one-seg tuner DH-ONE/IP, Buffalo Inc. will launch for Apple's iPhone/iPod touch/iPad in early December, will work with its special application.

The application “Choi Tele i” is available from the App Store for free.

It allows the user to show subtitles and to expand the size of the image on the screen.

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Mon November 22, 2010

Personal organizer app for Android (2) -- Refill it with more functions

The personal organizer application “Schedule Street,” which Elecom Co., Ltd. released for Android-based smartphones on November 12, has functions such as to-do list.

You can also add functions and designs by “refilling.”

The Schedule Street can be synchronized with the Google Calendar.

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Sun November 21, 2010

NEC CASIO follows Panasonic in smartphone market

NEC CASIO Mobile Communications, Ltd. announced on November 18 that it will move into the smartphone market.

The company will launch Android-based smartphones overseas in the second half of FY2010 and in Japan in the first half of FY2011.

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Sat November 20, 2010

One-seg tuner with built-in battery for iPhone (1) -- Direct to dock connector

Buffalo Inc. announced a one-seg tuner for Apple's mobiles on November 17.

Its one-seg tuner DH-ONE/IP adapts to the dock connector of iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

The DH-ONE/IP is expected to hit the shelves with a price tag of ¥10,600 in early December.

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