Tue July 08, 2008

More than 30% of keitai users are unwilling to have an iPhone 3G now

A Japan-based research company conducted a survey of attitude to iPhone 3G among existing users of mobile phone at the end of June in Japan and unveiled the result on June 4.

The users who want to buy an iPhone 3G just after the release accounted for 3% of the total valid respondents to the survey, the number of which was 480.

The ones who answered that they would never buy it made up 19%.

As much as 19% answered that they were interested in it but wouldn't buy it.

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Sat July 05, 2008

SBM to cease 2G service in 2010

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced Thursday that it will stop its 2G (second generation) service of mobile phone by March 31, 2010.

Its 2G service subscribers top 4 million, which account for 40% of the total.

SMB is planning to encourage the subscribers to move to its 3G service in less than two years ahead.

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Thu July 03, 2008

IP telephony service on Emobile's smart phone

Emobile Ltd. announced Tuesday that it has enabled its Windows Mobile-installed smart phone “EM・ONE α” to receive IP phone calls.

The IP phone service, JAJAH Phone, on the smart phone allowed you to originate a call only.

However, the service has improved so that you can originate/receive a domestic and international call to/from landline phone and cellphone on the number that begins with 050.

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Sat June 28, 2008

Shinkansen Wi-Fi to be ready between Osaka and Tokyo

Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) announced Thursday that the Wi-Fi service will be available in its Shinkansen railcar “N700” between Osaka and Tokyo from March 2009.

The service will allow you to connect to the Internet even when the train is running through a tunnel.

In addition, the company is expected to complete the provision of the Wi-Fi facilities at the waiting lounge in the concourse of all the Shinkansen stations between Osaka and Tokyo.

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Wed June 25, 2008

iPhone 3G will be released with a price tag of ¥23,040

Softbank Mobile Corp. announced Monday the monthly fees of the iPhone 3G.

For the iPhone 3G with the storage capacity of 8GB, the handset itself will effectively cost ¥ 23,040 when you select the 24-month installment plan.

The installment and the monthly fee for voice call and flat-rate packet communications will come to ¥8,240 or more a month.

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Fri June 20, 2008

DoCoMo's dominance is being threatened

Judging from the market share of mobile phone (cellphone and PHS) subscribers at the end of March 2008 in Japan that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) reported Tuesday, NTT DoCoMo Inc. is progressively declining.

DoCoMo has a 49.7% share of the market, down 2.5% from the same month the year before.

This is the first time that the company commands less than a 50% share at the end of fiscal year.

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Thu June 19, 2008

WILLCOM D4 confronts new iPhone on July 11

Willcom Inc. announced Tuesday that it will launch its UMPC, WILLCOM D4, on July 11.

The launch has been behind the schedule that Willcom initially announced.

The company emphasizes that the launch date will happen to coincide with that of iPhone 3G and it has no intentions of cutting a swath or showing rivalry against Apple Inc.

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