Tue June 17, 2008

iPhone at a price of ¥20,000-¥30,000 in Japan?

Softbank Mobile Corp. CEO Masoyoshi SON said on June 13 that an iPhone handset itself will effectively cost ¥20,000-¥30,000 when its user selects the installment and discount plan.

The cost in the U.S. is $199 (about ¥21,000) for the 8GB model or $299 (about ¥32,000) for the 16GB model.

The company will unveil the program(s) for the basic monthly fee by the end of this month.

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Mon June 16, 2008

Willcom's PHS is recalled―X PLATE

Willcom Inc. announced on June 13 that its PHS handset, X PLATE (WX130S), has a problem of heat generation.

The company has sold about 8,300 “X PLATE” handsets since February this year and is now replacing them for free.

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Sat June 14, 2008

SHARP focuses on the rich in China

Sharp Corp. will begin the sales of cellphone handset late this month in China, a company official said on June 12.

The company is planning to launch some types of handset that are high-end for the market in China.

The launch relies on the customer base established on its LCD TV, AQUOS, in China.

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Fri June 13, 2008

One Seg keitai shipments have hit 30 million

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) announced on June 11 that the total number of One Seg mobile handsets shipped in Japan has reached 30 million.

The number of One Seg handsets among all of the cellphones shipped in April in Japan tops 65%.

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Thu June 12, 2008

Students addicted to keitai (2)―late-night emailing

According to the survey conducted by the “Japan PTA National Council” in November last year, elementary/junior high school students in Japan are eager to email on mobile phone.

Fifty-one percent of second-year junior high school students and eleven percent of fifth graders sometimes email on mobile phone late at night.

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Wed June 11, 2008

iPhone is set for July 11 release in Japan

The new model of iPhone “iPhone 3G” will be launched in 22 countries including the U.S. and Japan on July 11, company officials said at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 on June 9.

The new iPhone will be compliant with the communications features of 3G mobile phone, W-CDMA/HSDPA, as well as the 2G specification, GSM.

The GSM features are unavailable in Japan, but Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. will operate the iPhone on its 3G cellphone network in Japan.

SBM has yet to put a price tag on the operation service for its users.

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Tue June 10, 2008

Students addicted to keitai (1)

Sixteen percent of second-year junior high school students and 3 percent of fifth graders send/receive more than 50 e-mails a day on mobile phone in Japan.

The survey conducted by the “Japan PTA National Council” in November last year gave some true pictures of how elementary/junior high school students use mobile phones.

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