Mon June 09, 2008

DoCoMo has called for launch of data card

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced on June 6 that it has suspended the release of its data communications card, FOMA OP2502 HIGH-SPEED, which is for laptop.

Some laptops will be possibly damaged when removing it from the slot, the company said.

That is the same reason why Emobile Ltd. voluntarily recalled its card, D02OP, in April this year.

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Sun June 08, 2008

FMC: at home and on the move (5)―N906iL (onefone): remote use of PC

Another optional service for N906iL (onefone) is “Pocket U,” which will allow for remote use of the PC set up at your home.

By using the service, you can view the photos and videos stored in your PC on the cellphone even when you are away from home.

However, to use the service, you will need to install the special software in your PC and make it always-on.

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Sat June 07, 2008

FMC: at home and on the move (4)―N906iL (onefone): advantages

If you connect your N906iL (onefone) to your home wireless LAN, you will need to subscribe to the optional service “Home U” from NTT DoCoMo Inc. that costs ¥1,029 a month.

However, the cost will allow you to send/receive packets when emailing and browsing the Web, and to talk with another subscriber on the cellphone for free.

And talking with a person who is not using the Home U service will bring you about 30% discount on the calling rate.

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Fri June 06, 2008

iPhone to get on Softbank Mobile?

Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced Wednesday that it will launch Apple Inc.'s high-profile cellphone, iPhone, in Japan within the year.

SBM said that it has arrived at an agreement with Apple on the launch.

The iPhone is expected to operate on the 3G cellphone network in Japan.

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Wed June 04, 2008

Weather report always on hand

Weathernews Inc. announced Monday that it has launched a weather report service for mobile phone that works with each of CATVs' weather report programs.

The subscribers to the CATV system can use the service focused on the area of the CATV on their mobile phone, even when they are outside of the area.

Weathernews now provides local weather information for about two hundred CATV operators nationwide in Japan.

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Tue June 03, 2008

Listing depends on how much money paid

NTT DoCoMo Inc. will begin to list the i-mode official sites on its menu in order of money amount decided by auction this month.

The company used to list them in order of number of visitors to the sites.

The new listing will avoid fixing items that are posted at the top of the menu and make start-up sites more eye-catching, company officials said.

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Mon June 02, 2008

FMC: at home and on the move (3)―N906iL (onefone): no roaming

When you use the cellphone N906iL (onefone) offered by NTT DoCoMo Inc., which operates in the FOMA and the home wireless WAN mode, you will always need to be aware of where you are now.

Where you are depends on whether you are inside of the coverage of the home wireless WAN or not.

Inside of the coverage, you can make a phone call by the number begging with 050 or 090/080.

Outside of the coverage, however, you need to do only by the number begging with 090/080. And the calls the parties are making to you by the 050 will not reach you: they may be forced to try again by the 090/080.

Moreover, when you get out of the coverage while talking on the cellphone by the 050, the call will be disconnected.

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