Fri May 02, 2008

One million yen required for getting deemed safe

The Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association (EMA) had a general meeting for the first time on April 30.

The EMA announced there that it will charge the mobile website operator some one million yen for evaluating the wholesomeness of its site.

The evaluation service consists of disinterested third persons such as academic experts.

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Wed April 30, 2008

YouTube gets fully activated on keitai

SUN Co., Ltd. has launched a service that allows the NTT DoCoMo's users to view YouTube in full scale on cellphone.

The users can enjoy the videos no matter how long they play.

The service is available only on the DoCoMo's cellphone 700 or 900 lineup for now, but allegedly the first implementation on mobile device in the world.

It will be adaptive to the cellphones from au (KDDI) and Softbank Mobile by the end of this year.

The relatively start-up company SUN offers the service on the mobile portal site @MediaLink that also leads to Second Life.

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Tue April 29, 2008

U.S. has fallen behind India in the number of cellphones

According to the statistical data unveiled by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of subscribed cellphones in India reached as much as 261 million, exceeding that in the U.S.―257 million―and took second place in the world at the end of March 2008.

The first place was hit by that in China―more than 500 million.

The number in Japan was about 100 million at the end of 2007.

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Sat April 26, 2008

Shipment of cellphone hit a record

MM Research Institute, Ltd. announced Wednesday that the total number of cellphone handsets shipped in Japan in FY2007 is some 50.76 million, showing a 2.9% increase over the year before.

The number is the highest since FY2003.

As for the share of cellphone handsets, Sharp Corp., having about a 25%, has been at No.1 for three consecutive years, which was followed by Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. in FY2006 and FY2007.

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Fri April 25, 2008

Security software on mobile phone

F-secure Corporation Japan announced Tuesday that it will launch a security software application for mobile phone on April 25.

The application F-secure Mobile Security is designed for Symbian OS S60 and implements antivirus/firewall features.

It adapts to the Softbank X02NK/Nokia N95 smart phone that is expected to hit store shelves on April 25.

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Wed April 23, 2008

JCI to provide IP phone on keitai

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI), an MVNO in Japan, announced Monday that it is planning to launch an IP phone service on NTT DoCoMo's cellphone network by September 2008.

The service at the beginning will be available on the smart phones that are based on Windows Mobile or Symbian OS.

To launch the service, the company needs to apply for the prefix number “050” for IP phone to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).

The MIC has never given the number to a telephone company that relies on mobile phone network.

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Mon April 21, 2008

More and more Internet users on keitai

According to the survey results released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) on April 18, the number of individual users connecting to the Internet on mobile phone at the end of 2007 increased by 2.01 million when compared with the end of the previous year to 72.87 million.

The increase was driven by advanced mobile handsets with One Seg or full-fledged Web browser features.

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