Wed April 16, 2008

Willcom to launch a new concept in device

Willcom Inc. announced Monday that it will launch a UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) manufactured by Sharp Corp. in mid-June.

The UMPC, WILLCOM D4, will come installed with Windows Vista Home Premium.

The companies emphasize that WILLCOM D4 has a new concept in communications device rather than traditional smartphone.

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Sun April 13, 2008

Independent organization to evaluate wholesomeness of keitai sites

The Content Evaluation and Monitoring Association (EMA) has been established as an independent organization that aims to render mobile websites wholesome.

The association will receive an application from websites operators and judge if the site is harmless to minors.

The site determined to be wholesome will not be screened out by the filtering service that each of the mobile carriers in Japan manages.

The EMA members include mobile carriers, Web content providers, and university professors.

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Sat April 12, 2008

More than 10 million users on the mobile game/SNS site

DeNA Co., Ltd. announced Wednesday that the number of members that join its mobile game/SNS site Mobage-town, which was launched in February 2006, has topped 10 million.

The site is quite popular and has more than 100 million page views a day.

However, it challenges the filtering service provided by the cellphone operators to prevent minors from accessing harmful sites.

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Tue April 08, 2008

Emobile launches a self-imposed product recall

Emobile Ltd. will voluntarily recall its data communications card D02OP, the company announced on April 4.

The card is ExpressCard/34-compliant and used for laptop.

Some laptops lock the card in the slot and prevent it from being removed.

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Mon April 07, 2008

One Seg goes under the ground

In Osaka, Japan, the antenna facilities for the terrestrial digital TV broadcasting have been installed in the two underground shopping malls―Whity Umeda and Namba Walk.

You can watch a night game on your One Seg keitai while drinking alcohol there.

Watching night baseball games after work at home used to be quite common in Japan, especially for middle-aged male office workers, part of their daily life with alcohol in the season.

However, the underground One Seg may stay them out of their home longer.

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Wed April 02, 2008

KDDI pulls plug on Tuka

The Tuka mobile phone service from KDDI Corp. ended on March 31.

KDDI continues to provide the ex-Tuka-users with the MNP service until June 30.

The service will be provided until September 30 if the user moves to the au subscription.

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Mon March 31, 2008

Emobile has embarked on voice service

Emobile Ltd. started voice call service on March 28.

The service is available on the handsets―H11T and S11HT―only and covers 70% of the population in Japan for now.

The company is diligently enhancing the coverage, where the roaming with NTT DoCoMo's network is unnecessary.

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