Sun March 30, 2008

KDDI replaces batteries of W42K

An au cellphone handset―W42K―has a problem with its battery pack and KDDI will replace them, company officials said on March 28.

Some of the battery packs may emit smoke or burst when they are in use or being charged if they are scarred or dented.

The smoke or burst accident happened thirteen times from October 2007 to March 2008.

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Sat March 29, 2008

Keitai to be multilingual

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) announced Thursday that it has developed an automatic translation system for use on mobile phone and will launch a consumer service using the system on March 31.

The service will be offered on the dedicated Web site for mobile phone.

When you connect to the site on mobile phone and enter a sentence in English/Japanese on the screen, it will be automatically translated in a few seconds into the seventeen other languages including Japanese/English, German, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The service is available on any mobile phone that can connect to the Internet.

It will be a pay service in a year.

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Tue March 25, 2008

KDDI launched a cellphone for international roaming of voice and data by GSM

An international-roaming-enabled cellphone from KDDI Corp. hit store shelves in Okinawa on March 21 that can be globally used for both voice and data based on the GSM system.

The cellphone, W62S, is one of the models that work outside Japan in accordance with KDDI's international roaming service system “Global Passport GSM.”

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Sat March 22, 2008

DoCoMo, Fujitsu made a complaint against SBM, Toshiba with the court

Now take a gander at these handsets.

Do you think they look the same?

NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd., the manufacturer of the handset “Raku-Raku Phone V” (left in the picture), protest about Softbank Mobile Corp.'s handset “Kantan Keitai 821T” (right) manufactured by Toshiba Corp.

DoCoMo and Fujitsu claim that 821T mimics Raku-Raku Phone V.

The companies filed a petition for provisional disposition order with the Tokyo District Court, seeking an injunction to stop manufacturing and selling 821T according to the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

Softbank Mobile insists that the two handsets are out of the question about similarity and what DoCoMo and Fujitsu claim points out the general functionality.

Softbank Mobile is to offer a counterargument in conjunction with Toshiba.

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Wed March 19, 2008

Voice-activated emailing on cellphone

NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced Monday that it will launch a cellphone featuring voice-activated emailing.

The cellphone, Raku-Raku Phone Premium (F884i), is designed for elderly users, based on the F905i model manufactured by Fujitsu Limited.

The user can enter characters by speaking to the cellphone microphone when composing an email message.

The speech is recognized and converted to the text by the server the cellphone connets to, rather than by the cellphone itself.

Therefore, the recognition and conversion procedure involves sending voice data and receiving the converted text data, costing ¥10.5 every five seconds in the character entry.

The user will also need to pay the monthly basic rate ¥210 for the voice-activated emailing service.

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Fri March 14, 2008

CS broadcasting for keitai

SKY Perfect Communications Inc. will launch a pay service that delivers broadcasts from its communications satellites at 124/128 degrees east longitude and other programs to some models of cellphone from NTT DoCoMo Inc. on April 21, company sources said Wednesday.

The service is expected to begin with the soccer games of the Japan Professional Football League.

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Wed March 12, 2008

email@i-mode on PC

NTT DoCoMo Inc. yesterday started an optional service in which the users can send/receive emails at their i-mode email address on PC.

The service, referred to as, is available on the dedicated Web site from a PC.

The DoCoMo users will need to pay ¥210 a month for the service.

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