Mon March 10, 2008

SBM keeping its lead in monthly-gained-contract race

For straight 10 months, Softbank Mobile Corp. has been at the top in the monthly net increase in the number of gained contracts for the mobile service.

The company was followed by KDDI Corp., NTT DoCoMo Inc., and Emobile Ltd. in February.

DoCoMo has come back to the third place.

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Thu March 06, 2008

Mobile WiMAX (4)

The KDDI-led joint venture (JV)―Wireless Broadband Planning K.K.―changed its company name to UQ Communications Inc. on March 1.

UQ stands for Universal Quality, expressing expansive sense of scale and solid sense of trust.

The company is about to build a network for mobile WiMax communications, on which it aims to launch the trial service in February 2009.

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Tue March 04, 2008

METI to urge dealers to collect used mobile phones

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will oblige mobile phone dealers to ask their customers to bring back the used handsets.

To make it obligatory, METI is planning to amend the Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources and aims to enforce the amended law as soon as in the spring of next year.

The enforcement is expected to improve the collection rate of used handsets and to help get back the rare metals.

The amended law will cover responsibility of dealers at their counter for asking the customers to give them the used handsets for collection and recycle, which contain lots of rare metals, as well as that of handset manufacturers in their handset guide for describing the system for collection and recycle of the resources.

The dealers and manufacturers that violate the law would be named in public or fined 500 thousand yen or less.

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Mon March 03, 2008

Emobile hits uniform sleeves before voice shelves

The Orix Buffaloes, one of the professional baseball teams in Japan, said Saturday that it has reached a one-year sponsorship agreement with Emobile Ltd.

Emobile is the startup mobile operator that will start voice communication service in Japan on March 28 - as well as data already provided.

Along with the reached agreement, Emobile logo has been featured on the uniform sleeve of the Orix Buffaloes players.

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Sat March 01, 2008

DoCoMo to raise basic rate for Net access

The basic rate for i-mode, the Internet access service on cellphone from mobile giant NTT DoCoMo Inc., will rise by 50% to ¥315 - as high as that from KDDI Corp. and from Softbank Mobile Corp. - on June 1, DoCoMo sources said Wednesday.

DoCoMo may need to admit that the rise in the basic rate is intended to offset its decreased revenue that will result from introducing the flat rate for calls among family members on April 1.

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Fri February 29, 2008

Calls within a family - another battle stage Japan's mobile operators venture into

Following KDDI Corp., NTT DoCoMo Inc. announced on February 27 that it will implement an around-the-clock flat-rate charging system on April 1st for calls among the registered family members that subscribe to its certain optional services under the given conditions.

DoCoMo expects that the charging system will lead to a fall in revenue by 80 billion yen a year, or about 10% of its annual operating profit, but places higher priority on the lock-in of its existing customers.

Calls within a family are also sure to contribute to more complicated pricing structures for using a mobile phone.

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Thu February 28, 2008

Emobile to start voice call service

Emobile Ltd., a mobile operator that specializes in mobile data communication service, announced on February 25 that it will provide voice service in Japan from March 28.

The company is ready for some optional offerings including roaming with NTT DoCoMo's network and flat rate for calls between subscribers to its service, but the pricing structure is as confusing as what mobile users have been fed up with.

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