Tue February 19, 2008

More than 20 million One Seg mobile handsets are receiving digital TV

One Seg mobile handsets topped 20 million shipments in Japan between June 2006 and December 2007, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) announced on February 13.

The One Seg handset sales were boosted during the year-end shopping season in 2007, which led to a leap in shipments.

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Mon February 18, 2008

Mobile handset hit 50 million shipments in 2007

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA) said on February 13 that the total number of mobile (cellphone and PHS) handsets shipped in Japan in 2007 reached 50 million.

This is the highest number ever recorded.

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Sat February 16, 2008

ACCA enters MVNO market

ACCA Networks Co., Ltd. said on February 14 that it has reached a basic agreement with NTT DoCoMo Inc. on the MVNO operation.

ACCA claims its MVNO business is part of effort to embark on wireless broadband communications services in order to break away from its dependence on ADSL-centric revenue sources.

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Fri February 15, 2008

JCI's MVNO business to start in full swing

Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) announced Thursday that it has struck a deal with NTT DoCoMo Inc. for the MVNO operation.

In response to the deal, JCI will rent the mobile network from DoCoMo and launch its own-brand mobile handsets and services, without having to stick to DoCoMo's tariffs and offerings.

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Mon February 11, 2008

DoCoMo has fallen behind EMOBILE

In terms of the monthly net increase in the number of gained contracts for the mobile service, NTT DoCoMo Inc. lost the lead to EMOBILE Ltd. last month.

Among NTT DoCoMo, EMOBILE, KDDI Corp., and SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., SOFTBANK MOBILE has hung on to first place for 9 months.

In second place did KDDI come, followed by EMOBILE and NTT DoCoMo.

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Sat February 09, 2008

Filter works more strictly on keitai for minors (2)

The filtering service enhanced for minors by the mobile operators in Japan is rather controversial than not.

The service may filter out some SNSs, BBSs, and even blogs, which are collectively called CGM (Consumer Generated Media), as a harmful site.

The CGM industry wonders what criteria will be applied when the service determines a harmful site and opposes an across-the-board filtering policy.

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Fri February 08, 2008

email@gmail.com on DoCoMo

In addition to email@mac.com, email@gmail.com will be available on NTT DoCoMo's cellphones, Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) announced Wednesday.

JCI will provide the email@gmail.com service on the same subscription and charging system as email@mac.com.

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