Thu February 07, 2008

Filter works more strictly on keitai for minors (1)

The mobile operators in Japan have enhanced their filtering service for minors under the age 18.

The service used to be on an opt-in basis, but has been on an opt-out basis since February 1st.

For a minor to opt out of the service when he/she gets a mobile phone as a new subscriber to a mobile phone service, his/her parent needs to apply for it to the mobile operator.

A parent whose child has been a subscriber since before February 1st will be asked to sign the letter of consent if he/she admits his/her child to continue to use the mobile phone without the filtering service.

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Wed January 30, 2008

Wi-Fi service on Shinkansen bullet train

On-the-Shinkansen may be no excuse any more for delay in answering/sending an email in the near future.

Some of Shinkansen bullet trains will be equipped with Wi-Fi facilities for road warriors by Japan Rail in the spring of 2009.

Japan Rail has already determined the system that keeps the Wi-Fi communications unintermitted even when the train is running through a tunnel.

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Mon January 28, 2008

iPod touch locates you

A location-based service is being provided on Apple's iPod touch in Japan.

An iPod touch user can employ the Wi-Fi capabilities and Google Maps on it to locate him/her and show where he/she is now on the map.

The location and mapping service in Japan for now offers the limited coverage.

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Sat January 26, 2008

Android to be mounted on DoCoMo?

The companies, having already tied up for Google Maps on DoCoMo keitais, announced further alliance Thursday.

NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Google Inc. have agreed to launch Google's Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa services on DoCoMo's cellphones.

Furthermore, the alliance aims to develop Android-based handsets on which DoCoMo's i-mode features operate.

DoCoMo, as the first step, is seeking to achieve advertising sales of ¥10 billion by relying on Google's systems such as AdWords.

Google intends to enhance its revenue sources in the mobile-oriented Web through DoCoMo's channels including the official sites available on i-mode.

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Fri January 25, 2008 on DoCoMo

The .Mac Mail service will be available on NTT DoCoMo's cellphones from February 1st.

To send/receive .Mac e-mails on a DoCoMo cellphone, a DoCoMo user needs to subscribe to the ConnectMail for .Mac Mail service offered by Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) that claims to be the first MVNO in Japan.

The subscription fee is ¥4,800 a year.

In addition, the user will be charged for the packet communications by DoCoMo and for the .Mac service by Apple.

JCI is also planning to launch the service on mobile phones from KDDI (au), SOFTBANK MOBILE, and Willcom.

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Wed January 23, 2008

WDJ collaborates with SBM on cellphone services

The Walt Disney Japan Ltd. will launch its own branded cellphone services, called Disney Mobile, in cooperation with SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. on March 1st, the companies said to the press Tuesday.

The Disney-dedicated cellphone handsets are expected to appear on the shelves of SOFTBANK MOBILE dealers and home appliance volume retailers in Japan as well as on the Web site run by WDJ.

Disney Mobile as a MVNO-based service provided on Sprint Nextel's network has already been unsuccessful in the U.S., but the business model in Japan is distinctive and more promising, WDJ officials emphasized at the press conference.

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Tue January 22, 2008

SOFTBANK MOBILE to offer a student discount

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. announced Monday that it will launch a tariff for student subscription on March 1st.

The tariff is aimed at students in schools including elementary, junior-high, and senior-high schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools.

The students can get a discount from SOFTBANK MOBILE that makes the monthly fee of its “White Plan” free if they sign up for the plan as a new subscriber to SOFTBANK MOBILE and apply for the discount for February 1st through May 31st.

The discount will continue for three years even though the student graduates from a school.

By launching the discount, SOFTBANK MOBILE is trying to lock in young people and to improve its share among them in order to ensure higher revenue in the future.

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