Tue July 24, 2007

Incentive and SIM lock (1) - Double-edged sword? (1)

Why can you get a cutting-edge, feature-rich cellphone handset for ¥1 over the counter?

Is it really worth just ¥1?

The ¥1 handset has the nuts and bolts of the business model Japan's mobile operators have developed.

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Thu July 19, 2007

BlackBerry - Surprising to the Japanese like “KuroFune” ?

NTT DoCoMo announced on July 17 that they will launch the services of Japanese-enabled BlackBerry for corporate users on July 23.

Will the services lead to wider adoption of BlackBerry in Japan?

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Wed July 11, 2007

iPhone (2) - Provides a break?

One of the biggest problems iPhone faces is replacement of the battery.

The battery can not be replaced by users. The users need to send their iPhone to Apple, pay them some money, and wait about three days for the battery replacement.

Is the three-day patience acceptable enough for you to stay calm without ringing?

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Tue July 03, 2007

iPhone (1) - Another novelty?

Do you want an iPhone?

It is expected to be available in Japan in 2008 or later.

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Tue June 19, 2007

One Seg (2)

One Seg is not dedicated to cellphone. You can also receive One Seg signals on PCs or PDAs equipped with a One Seg-enabled card.

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Mon June 18, 2007

One Seg (1)

As existing chunk analog TV sets are being displaced by sleek and slim flat-screen digital ones, some of the latest cellphones can receive and display digital broadcasts based on the system called “One Seg” - that stands for One Segment.

One Seg is the proprietary broadcasting system for cellphone in Japan.

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Thu April 26, 2007

Two numbers/e-mail addresses in one cellphone handset

Do you want to have two phone numbers and two e-mail addresses available in a single cellphone handset - one number/address for business and another for private life?

(You may do it by swapping SIM cards when you are outside Japan and use a GSM cellphone.)

Your need for it will be met by new cellphones from NTT DoCoMo - FOMA 904i Series.
They are expected to come on the market in May or June 2007.

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