Thu August 10, 2006

MNP Service to start in October

“MNP service will be launched on October 24th this year,” officially announced the tree major mobile carriers Wednesday.

By using MNP service, a cellphone user can switch carriers without having to change her/his number.

The carriers have shown the expected procedure by which you use this service as follows: (You would be charged commission by your existing carrier and/or the new one.)

1. Get a “MNP Reservation Number” from your existing carrier on their Web site or on the phone call to their customer service desk.

2. Visit a dealership of the carrier that you like to transfer to and tell them the MNP Reservation Number.

3. Choose a new handset.

4. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

Note: You can carry your cellphone number only. It means that your existing e-mail address of cellphone can't be taken over to the new cellphone.
In addition, the contents (such as ringing melody) downloaded to your existing cellphone or the electronic money (including Edy and ICOCA) implemented in it may not be transferred to the new one.

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Wed August 09, 2006

MNP (2)

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability.

By using MNP service, you can switch cellphone operators without having to change your number.

This service will be launched on October 24th this year, according to the news report Monday.

Details coming soon.

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Wed August 02, 2006


MNP service will be launched later this year.

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