Sun January 23, 2011

Sony to deliver Qriocity videos in Japan

Sony Corp. announced on January 20 that it will begin to provide the video delivery service “Video On Demand powered by Qriocity” in Japan on January 26.

The service in Japan will be intended for use on Sony's BRAVIA LCD TV sets that can be connected to the Internet.

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Fri January 21, 2011

KDDI to tell subscribers' age to SNS

KDDI Corp. announced on January 19 that with its subscribers' permission it will provide information on their age to SNS operators.

This is intended for preventing SNS users from lying about their age.

KDDI is expected to provide that information to SNSs such as au one GREE, mixi, and Mobage-town.

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Fri January 14, 2011

DoCoMo provides info on pollen dispersal

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. will launch a mobile website that provides information on pollen dispersed in Japan.

Its mobile website DoCoMo Kafun (Pollen) Live! ( allows the user to view that information from January 14 through April 30 by paying data communications fee only.

DoCoMo has completed the installation of environment sensor at 2,500 places around Japan.

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Sat November 27, 2010

Japan's IP simulcast radio to be a joint-stock corporation

The fourteen member companies of the Association of IP Simulcast Radio announced on November 25 that they will establish a joint-stock corporation on December 1 that operates the IP simulcast radio “radiko.”

The corporation is expected to expand the coverage of radiko to put it into production.

The radiko service now covers the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama.

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Sat October 09, 2010

NTT East's NGN encountered failure in Internet connection

NTT East Corp. announced on October 7 that some of its subscribers to its NGN service Flet's Hikari Next were disconnected from the Internet from around noon through 8:07pm on that day.

Other than Internet connection, functions of the service, including voice call Hikari Denwa, were not affected by the failure.

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Fri September 10, 2010

Xbox 360 receives videos from Universal and Paramount

Microsoft Japan announced on September 8 that it will begin to deliver videos provided by Bandai Channel, NBC Universal, and Paramount Pictures to Xbox 360 users this fall.

The videos will be delivered as part of its video delivery service Zune Video that is dedicated to the Xbox 360.

Users of the Zune Video service are expected to enjoy HD videos with 1080 pixels and 5.1 ch surround sound.

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Sat September 04, 2010

WOWOW can be viewed on Hikari TV

WOWOW Inc., NTT Plala Inc. and I-Cast, Inc. announced on September 2 that they have agreed to begin to relay WOWOW's programs to the IPTV service Hikari TV on October 1.

WOWOW is a BS broadcaster that provides pay digital TV programs in Japan.

WOWOW, NTT Plala, I-Cast said that it would be the first time for BS digital broadcasts to be relayed to an IPTV service in Japan.

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