Thu December 02, 2010

J:COM provides WiMAX service (1) -- MVNO of UQ WiMAX

Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J:COM), Japan's CATV MSO (multiple system operator) giant, announced on November 30 that it will begin to provide a WiMAX service in the cities of Sapporo and Sendai and the areas of Kanto and Kyushu on December 15.

J:COM will provide its WiMAX service “J:COM WiMAX” as an MVNO of UQ Communications Inc.

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Mon October 04, 2010

iPhone/iPad can reach NAS at home (2) -- Adaptive versions of iPhone/iPad, NAS

The applications of “WebAccess i” and “WebAccess i HD,” which were released by Buffalo Inc. on September 24 for the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad respectively, allow the user to access Buffalo's NAS (network attached storage) products.

To get access to NAS as above, the user will need to use the iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0 or later), the iPhone 3G/3G S (iOS 3.1.3 or later), the fourth-generation iPod touch (iOS 4.1 or later), the first- through third-generation iPod touch (iOS 3.1.3 or later), or the iPad (iOS 3.2 or later).

Also, Buffalo's NASs will be needed as follows: “Link Station” series of LS-WVL/R1, LS-WXL/R1, LS-WSXL/R1, LS-VL, LS-XHL, LS-SL, LS-AVL/A, or LS-CHL; or “Terrace Station” series of TS-XHL/R6VC, TS-XHL/R6, TS-XL/R5, TS-XEL/R5, or TS-RXL/R5.

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Sat July 17, 2010

KDDI and SBM works with SK Telecom on NFC (1)

KDDI Corp. and Softbank Mobile (SBM) Corp. announced on July 15 that they had signed an official memorandum about collaborations on NFC (near field communication) with South Korean SK Telecom Co., Ltd. on July 7.

KDDI, SBM, and SK Telecom will consider developing NFC equipment and services that are available in Japan and South Korea.

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Tue March 09, 2010

iPad to lauch in late April in Japan

Are you going to get an iPad?

Apple Inc. has announced that the iPad will hit the shelves in the latter half of April in Japan.

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Fri October 02, 2009

K-Opticom to launch Wi-Fi service (2) -- 3G is another option

In addition to its optional “eo mobile” Wi-Fi service, K-Opticom Corp. will provide a 3G mobile data communication service as another pay option.

The 3G service will be supplied by Emobile Ltd.

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Thu October 01, 2009

K-Opticom to launch Wi-Fi service (1)

Are you connected to the Internet through K-Opticom's rather than NTT's FTTH service?

K-Opticom Corp., a fiber-optic telecommunications carrier operating in Kansai area, announced Tuesday that it will begin to provide its Wi-Fi service “eo mobile” in March 2010 in the area.

The eo mobile will be offered as an optional service for users of K-Opticom's FTTH service “eo Hikari” and levy a monthly fee of ¥315 on the user.

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Mon April 06, 2009

XGP Forum kicks off to make another BWA popular

Do you remember the origin of the term “PHS” ?

The PHS concept may be changed as XGP in the near future.

The XGP Forum was founded to promote the wireless communications technology XGP (eXtended Global Platform) on April 2.

XGP used to stand for neXt Generation PHS.

The forum will assist WILLCOM, Inc. in implementing the XGP commercial service in Japan and aim to introduce the technology in China and Thailand.

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